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Accountable Kids

July 20, 2007

There are two main ways (besides gut-honest prayer) that I try to use to give myself support and structure as as mom.

Number one, I usually end my morning prayer time by reading some sort of book that encourages me as a mom trying to walk with Jesus. I used to feel like that wasn’t very spiritual and maybe shouldn’t “count” as prayer time. Um, let’s see. Let’s try not being legalistic, Jess. Anyway, right now it’s Sally Clarkson’s new book. It is really speaking to me. Yeah, Sally!

I feel like getting mentored and encouraged in this way is something really important for me as a mom. Although I may not have a bunch a concrete ideas about parenting from these types of books, my heart as a mom is changed, softened, and encouraged.

Number two, I need some type of structure to help me with the dailyness of parenting. At my house we use a really fantastic program called Accountable Kids. It is a program that helps my kids to complete daily chores, learn to serve without prompting, and earn privileges. It helps me with consistency as well as gives me tools to deal with negative and positive behavior.

The program is recommended for ages 3-14 so our older two children follow (and love) it–but the crazy thing is that my 2-year old is now also wanting to do little chores (tonight she got out the broom after dinner and started sweeping the kitchen floor. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. This is not usually my experience with 2-year olds!).

Effective tools are just that, though, tools…Ultimately, I know the Holy Spirit leads all of us with our children. I just wanted to pass along something that is working well at our house!

Thank you, Lord, for equipping me with everything I need as a mom. I can trust You, God! Help me to remember that when no one is sweeping the floor…

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  1. Amanda McEwen permalink
    July 21, 2007 8:40 am

    Was this one for me? I am ordering Accountable Kids next week!!
    LOVE YOU!!!!!

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