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Yes, Sir

August 5, 2007

This morning when I prayed, God interupted me. I was in the middle of repenting for being irritated with my children and selfish with my husband (the usual – change me, Lord!) when the Holy Spirit spoke really clearly to my heart. In fact, it was the clearest I’ve heard His voice in a while.

I believe He told me that unless I established boundaries in an area of my life, He would remove me from it. Yes. He said, “I will remove you from it.” He told me that if I continued to be out of control with it – that if I let it take me away from time with Him, my husband, and my children (my TOP THREE PRIORITIES!) – that he didn’t want His Name associated with it. 

This was not a gentle moment from the Lord where I felt like He was calmly leading me in the wonderful green meadows of His peace. This was firm. This was a time for holy fear.

And I get it, Lord. I WILL obey. I mean, having God remove me from something does not sound fun AT ALL. I’d rather do it His way. So then I asked Him to show me the specific parameters He wanted me to set up. Again, He spoke really clearly about how it needed to look in my life.

It is His direction for me, so He equips me for the process.

Lord, I surrender again to Your will. I know that obeying You may seem hard in the moment, but it leads to life and peace. Thank you for Your Holy Spirit who prays for us and leads us (Romans 8). Yes, Lord.

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