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September 23, 2007

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow” (James 1:7).

I have been in the middle of a very chaotic two weeks. Several areas in my life have needed my focus, and I have been pulled in a lot of different directions. As I have been trying to reestablish balance and find His rest again, I have realized that even in the middle of this crazy time, God has been pouring out love and mercy. So here are some things in my life that have been restful in the middle of chaos:

1. Going away with Marybeth. Ahhh! It was wonderful. She was the speaker at a women’s conference this past weekend and I tagged along. I felt like I got some clarity from God as I listened to her speak and as I spent time in prayer. Awesome. A totally unexpected gift.

2. Coming home to find that my husband had a huge surge of motivation and CLEANED THE WHOLE HOUSE. If you don’t do anything for the rest of the year, Hugh, it will have been enough – to come home and find my house spotless after a week of company. My husband is a gift.

3. Attending a ballet of “Beauty and the Beast” with my four-year-old daughter. She picked out her own outfit. A white Easter dress with matching white hat. White shoes. White knee highs. Little purse. We had second-row seats, and she was enthralled. I was savoring every second of my time alone with her, especially when she leaned over in the second act and started kissing my cheek. My daughter is a gift.

4. Ordering cable and watching previously recorded episodes of Iron Chef while eating store-bought rotisserie chicken. I am finishing up this post, and then I will escape to my big bed and snuggle down with my husband and watch Alton Brown announce tonight’s food battle on Iron Chef while I eat a plate of hot food that my husband microwaved for me. I don’t know why, but there is nothing I’d rather do tonight. My food, my tv show, my bed, my servant husband – all gifts.

Thank you, Lord, for showing me the blessings you are giving me in the middle of this hard week. I love your faithfulness to me. It is all around. I love you.

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