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I Hate

January 20, 2008

The original title of this post was “Whale of a Tale.” But because certain weather media outlets predicted a huge winter storm that never materialized, our trip was canceled. I have felt sorry for myself for about twenty hours now, it’s probably time to do something else. Hm…like drink my coffee, get ready for church, spend time with my super sweet in-laws, and be content.

Whale Of A Tale

Fact: My in-laws are coming into Charlotte this weekend.

Fact: They actually prefer us not to be around so they can have uninterrupted time with their grandchildren.

Fact: Fin and Humpback whales are currently off the coast of Virginia.

Fact: There are super inexpensive whale-watching trips right now since it’s so cold in Virginia.

When I sat in my prayer chair a few days ago, completely distracted by these thoughts floating around in my head, I came to one conclusion:

Oh my gosh! What if Hugh and I got away for the weekend together and went whale watching!!

Now, bless his heart, my Christmas present this year from my husband (besides my blue tooth headset) was a commitment to have a great attitude about whale watching. Because I am totally nuts about whale watching and want to go all the time.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to bundle up in 30 degree weather on a boat in January six hours away from home for a chance to see the rare Fin whale?


So, we’re off and away! Two nights BY OURSELVES, whales, restaurants without children, walks on the beach (yes, it will be cold but we can hold hands through our gloves and listen to the waves), and…time together. Alone. Mmmmm!!

Just me, Hugh, and hopefully several breaching Humpbacks.

(If you have never seen a whale breach, then you don’t understand my love for watching whales. But once you see a Humpback soar completely out of water, once you hear those mighty giants breathe near your boat, you’ll be hooked. It is the most beautifully haunting thing I’ve ever seen.)

My friend Carissa was talking at our small group a few weeks ago about what a great husband Hugh is based on my blog. YEAH! Well, Carissa, this takes the cake! My man taking me away for the weekend to get slightly nauseated on a boat while I run around with a camera and my whale watching book (see sidebar!)…He is wonderful indeed.

Well, I’m off to pack all my heavy winter clothes! (OO- and some Dramamine for my man).

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  1. Carissa permalink
    January 20, 2008 10:48 pm

    Jess did I ever tell you that Chad and I went humpback whale watching in Hawaii? We bought tickets on this dinner cruise with a guarantee of seeing whales…they mate around Honolulu at the time we went so they were supposed to be everywhere. And of course the lady telling us all these stories said that the trip that went out earlier than ours saw a mama and a baby! I was soooooooooo excited. Well all we saw were a few tail fins and the lady guiding us making all of her wale noises was more entertaining than the actual “whale watching.” If you could call it that. Fast forward 2 days and Chad and I are on the North Shore of Ohau just standing on the beach and what do we see…whales jumping out of the water, full breach! It was amazing. We drove to the top of a hill and just sat there watching the whales jump…for free! I’d go whale watching with you, just maybe not in January in Virginia. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Holly permalink
    January 21, 2008 12:13 am

    Hi Jess! Just wanted you to know that i loved your article you submitted to the Proverbs 31 contest…very well written! I enjoy reading your blog too!

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