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May 8, 2008

“If you want to live securely in the land, follow my decrees and obey my regulations. Then the land will yield large crops, and you will eat your fill and live securely in it” (Leviticus 25:18-19).

I have been making some wrong choices lately. Actually, just one wrong choice. In the rush of deciding to go back to work, I have been slowly focusing on things other than God.

What should I wear when I go back to work? When should I stop volunteering for the church? Should we go on vacation? These questions propel me into a flurry of emails and decisions and another day slips by when I have not made time to simply sit before the Lord.

Yesterday I went to Panera to pray. I had two and a half hours to pray and I spent the first hour and a half online catching up on emails. (The internet has been down at our house, and getting online brought me tremendous excitement.)

Finally, though, I decided to open my Bible. Not surprisingly, my mind started to wander after just a few minutes. The familiar questions began to filter in again. What should I wear? How will I handle a job? Will I be enough for my husband and kids once I am teaching?

All of sudden, I realized what I was doing. I have not been passionately seeking His face and this dry, distracted Panera prayer time is the result.

It is so easy for me to slip back into old habits where I begin to believe that I don’t really need His Presence to sustain me every day. I start to believe that life is okay without time with God – and really, I don’t have the time anyway. Time for emails, yes. Time for television, yes. Even time for church volunteering, yes.

When I make time for other things in my life before making time for God, then those things become idols.

I woke up early this morning and got on my face before God. I set the timer for sixty minutes and told myself that this was my time with God and I would not allow myself to do anything else. I asked God to forgive me for not putting Him first. I surrendered again to His Lordship and authority in my life. I drank His Word in big, thirsty gulps. I prayed over some areas in my life that I needed to hear from Him about. Then, having entered the Holy of Holies, I worshiped.

Once in His Presence, he brought my perspective back into alignment. All of the things I have been filling my life with began to fade and seem so unimportant. My clothes don’t matter so much after all. My concerns about my job slipped back into the proper context.

I am once again at the feet of my Jesus, and that is all that matters.

Lord, I need you. Give me eyes to see the life and death that happens when I am not making time to sit in your Presence. I long for you today, Lord. Thank you for filling me up. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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  1. May 8, 2008 8:57 am

    I love that veerse in Leviticus. What a word picture it paints in my mind. “seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added.”
    It is so easy to get distracted by our daily lists and “to dos” and not so easy to remember to seek Him first, daily.
    Thanks for the reminder today.

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