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May 17, 2008

O-kay. I love my husband (um, see my last post) – but as he and my five-year old pulled out of the driveway minutes ago…I felt this tingly excitement!

They are off to pick up my son in Tennessee and I have the night to myself (well, technically I still have my three-year old but she is off to bed in, like, twelve minutes)!


For the two people who care, this is what I will be doing tonight:

1. Watching “What Not To Wear” on TLC. I usually groan when I watch this show as I tend to own clothes similar to people needing a makeover. But, hey, I’m learning. I just bought a new yellow necklace at Target and I wore HEELS yesterday. (Question: how many times have I worn heels in the last twelve years? Answer: zero. This is NOT A JOKE.)

2. I will be eating some sort of spicy, yummy weird food that would make my husband gag if he were around.

3. I will be reading fiction before falling asleep for at least an hour. Hee hee hee!! I am giggling out loud!

4. I will do ALL the laundry. I will be uninterrupted while I fold and put away every article of clothing in my house. The dryer is running right now with the last load!

5. I will probably redo my nail polish..

Wait. Am I totally insane? I have only a few hours before bed and I am listing tons of things. I think I need to chill out. Do people say “chill out” anymore? Why am I so old?

Alright. I think I had better refocus my list. Maybe I shouldn’t do the laundry. Yes, that sounds good.

I am off to find the remote.

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  1. May 18, 2008 3:53 pm

    Oh, how wonderful that sounds! I might ask Scotty if I could have one of those days in the near future!

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