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Why I Love My Bible Study

June 12, 2008

1. When beginning a study on Daniel, I put out a bunch of fashion magazines all over the couches in my living as an example of modern-day Babylon. However, when everyone arrived at my house, instead of conviction falling as we looked through the Prada-filled pages, we began a discussion on our favorite jeans. I love women.

2. If they say they will pray for me, I believe it.

3. I am challenged to have women in different stages of life (single, married, married longer than me) in my life. It gives me perspective.

4. I love having a group where certain people feel comfortable to wear their pajamas.

5. Finally, even though it is scary to be transparent and gut-level honest, these women do that every week. We have pushed through the initial awkwardness of “we don’t know each other” and made the choice to get real anyway. I am so proud of us!

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