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Very Important Thoughts

July 2, 2008

As I lie in bed waiting for my fever to break, my nausea to subside, and my doctor to give me some new pain medication, I have realized I have not wasted this day after all. No! I have learned a great deal from my six hours of television:

1. Angelina Jolie hasn’t had her twins yet. E News interrupted “101 Biggest Celebrity Oops” to tell me this fact. Oops number 76: Mariah Carey in the movie “Glitter”.

2. Even though I haven’t watched “Days of Our Lives” in over seven years, I still knew vaguely what was happening. Darn that Stefano! Still up to his old tricks – and apparently erasing John’s memory and saving it on a little disk. Did I really use to order my day around when this show came on?

3. Cindy Crawford, upset that I can’t get in to see her amazing dermatologist personally, has put together a great new skin care line for me. She told me all about it, and really, it seems like something I need to order right away.

4. Hugh bought me a tablet PC. That has nothing to do with tv, but I had to share how amazing my husband is! Now I can write important posts like this one.

5. Finally, I learned the plethora of choices available to me on Movies on Demand, including “Zombie Strippers.” Surely “Zombie Strippers” fits somewhere on the list of 101 Biggest Oops. Seriously.

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  1. July 2, 2008 5:19 pm

    Glad you didn’t let being sick keep you from learning something…lol..hope you feel better soon!

  2. July 2, 2008 9:00 pm

    What?? Stefano is alive? But he was dead the last time I saw it 8 years ago. Now I’m starting to think that maybe those soaps aren’t all that realistic. Hmmph.

    (Scott still teases me about my Days watching days. I dreamed one time that I was at a high school basketball game and Stefano came in wearing a black cape and he kissed me. He was a good kisser, fyi.)

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