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The Wisdom of Madame G

November 11, 2008

…”I need to share with you the greatest difficulty you will have in waiting upon the Lord. It has to do with your mind. The mind has a very strong tendency to stray away from the Lord. Therefore, as you come before the Lord to sit in his presence, beholding him, make use of the scripture to quiet your mind.”

-Madame Guyon

My mind this morning: “Getup. Wheresthecoffee? Hurryhurryhurry. Creamerhalfandhalf. Gogogo. LUCY, GETBACKINBEDIAMGOINGTOPRAY. Whyistheresomuchcathaironmyprayerchair? Whereismyipod? WhatworshipmusicdoIwanttolistentothismorning? BibleBibleBible…ahhhhwhereismyBible? Great,nowIonlyhavefifteenminutestopray. Okay. Musicon…where’smypen? Hereitis. Ready.


IwonderwhyIamsoinsecurelately? IhopeIgettimewithAmandathisweekend, wereallyneedit. WhatshouldIweartoday? Wait…Iamsuppossedtobepraying.


LUCYGETBACKINYOURROOM. Goodmorning, JonDavid, getyourBibleandsitwithme. Where’smycoffee? WhatPsalmshouldIread? Whyisitsocoldinmyhouse? Ohno, Ihavetwominutesleft.



Jesus, helpmebemoreconfidenttodayandIlikeyouandthanksforallyoudoforme. Amen.

Madame Guyon, you are so right.

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  1. November 11, 2008 8:35 am

    lol It sounds so much more peaceful the way you phrased it in your Twitter!

  2. November 11, 2008 10:43 am

    LOL I couldn’t help but laugh because reading that… I understood every word. It is sad when my brain is so much like that I understand it too. No really That was hilarious, Jess. I needed that one this morning. Thanks.

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