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June 5, 2009

Hoping – The big zit on my nose goes away before our School Program tonight. Ew.

Reading – Living Well With Autoimmune Disease by Mary J. Shomon and The Anti-Inflammation Diet by Christopher Cannon.

Eating – An organic salad with fresh wild salmon for lunch. My family is in shock.

Watching – Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel. It’s so relaxing.

Trying – To get over my sadness that Hugh’s mom won’t come down for the kid’s program tonight unless Jon-David goes back with her to Indiana. She isn’t taking care of herself right now, how can she care for him? But – oh – a hard choice.

Laughing – When Lucy jumps out of our Pottery Barn Kids Stage and says “It’s a great day!”… Indeed.

Wondering – If I will be able to “fake it” tonight. Smile and talk to people at school. Not faint. Those kind of things.

Praying – In little spurts lately. I’m hearing very little from the Lord – and His voice was so clear to me just weeks ago – Darn it!

Crying – When I heard about my friend Susan losing her father this week. I haven’t seen her in a while, but I felt grieved at the news. Why is living and dying so hard? Sometimes it feels like too much.

Waxing – With Amanda this afternoon. Today she waxed MY NECK and wouldn’t stop. She kept saying things like “wow” and “oh, gosh” as she examined the strips filled with (apparently) large amounts of hair.

…And that’s really enough self-disclosure for one day!!

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