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Post, Interrupted…

July 17, 2009

Today I got up, made coffee, and gave medicine to my three sick children. Hugh says they probably have the Swine flu (he thinks he picked it up in California). Amanda says I should take them to the doctor. I say I need more coffee, please!

I finally hydrated, nourished, and medicated my kiddos – then settled down to pray. Can I just that I love to pray?

Hold on.


I had all this super-spiritual stuff I was going to write about…But now my daughters are screaming at one another, my son’s fever is spiking, and Little Einsteins is playing EXTREMELY loudly in the background.

I guess today is all about parenting. Wiping, holding, refereeing, and refilling juice cups…

Maybe I’ll be spiritual later.

(Of course, maybe I’m becoming more like Jesus RIGHT NOW.)

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