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What I’m Learning…

October 1, 2009

About God:

1.  If I pray for only ten minutes in the morning, I still receive His Presence for my day.

2.  I have more time to study the Bible when I don’t teach.

3.  When I ask God for wisdom to love my enemies, He does.

About teenagers:

1. Teenagers want to be respected.  If I teach a crap lesson about the Civil War generals but show them respect, they still think I’m a good teacher.  I want to do both.  Teach well and respect my students.

2.  Going to a  private Christian school doesn’t mean my students don’t deal with extremely difficult situations.

3.  Young adults love and hate passionately.  Instantly.

About friendship:

1.  The people who loved me in the desert are the people who love me on the mountain.  Every time.

2.  If I don’t make time for my friends, I become really lonely.

3.  A good friend gets mad on your behalf.

About children:

1.  Seeing your child’s face get swollen because of an allergic reaction is extremely scary.  It’s even scarier when his throat begins to close.

2.  ER visits usually take a long time.

3.  Your children don’t care if you haven’t showered as long as you’re nice to them.

About work:

1.  If you have a job you love, it doesn’t seem like work.

2.  Teaching is very rewarding, even though the money isn’t…um…a lot.

3.  If you fail to follow the dress code, you get in trouble.  (I learn this one about every two months.  It usually involves some sort of denim.)

About Twitter:

1.  Hashtags are funny.

2.  It’s good to check who is following you.  Delete them if you don’t know them and they want to “know” you more.

3.  People who lock their tweets are either very smart or very inept at tweeting.

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  1. October 1, 2009 10:53 am

    So very true. Especially those things about God (thank you, Father!), teenagers (#2) and children’s allergic reactions (shudder).

  2. karen permalink
    October 1, 2009 8:27 pm

    Goodness! I hope he’s okay now!!

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