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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December 9, 2009


1. Buy Juice Boxes for class party
2. Bring a bag of individually wrapped candy to school for Christmas craft project – REMEMBER!!
3. Give check to room mom to contribute to class gift for Mrs. P. – BY DECEMBER 10TH!!!
4. Buy Mrs. P gift from Lucy

1. Buy ten cookies for class party (find out kind??)
2. Get Hannajean a long-sleeved red shirt for Christmas Program – BY TOMORROW!!!
3. Buy Mrs. R gift from Hannajean

1. Give check to room mom for Mrs. D gift – BY NEXT TUESDAY!!!
2. Buy two dozen sugar cookies for class party
3. Buy Mrs. D gift from Jon-David
4. Talk to School Christmas Shop people about Jon-David’s make-up shopping time (since he currently has a fever of 102.1)

1. Grade all papers
2. Enter five million grades into grade book
3. Write emails to parents of students who are getting D/F’s in my classes. Explain students need to DO homework in order to pass.
4. Buy cute “I am really thin and beautiful” Christmas outfit for Staff Christmas Party next Monday.


Leave country. Come back in January.

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  1. December 9, 2009 8:54 am

    Let me know where you find that “thin & beautiful” outfit, so I can buy a matching one for my holiday events. 🙂

    I feel the same way – so much to do, so little time.

    I’m not blogging in december because of it.

    I hope you & yours have a Merry Christmas!

  2. December 9, 2009 1:01 pm

    Making a similar list right this minute

  3. December 9, 2009 3:18 pm

    I need to be in that flight out with you. When I read this I got a sick feeling in my stomach and that’s not just because of the spicy Thai food that I’m eating. I realized I have to do the same things AND have not heard from the teacher as to what outfit we need to get for the Christmas program. I’m afraid. Very afraid.

  4. Dawn permalink
    December 11, 2009 2:32 pm


    I have no husband or children and I am un-employed. I would love to trade places with you. I would, love a husband and children and a job.

  5. Lori permalink
    December 18, 2009 2:49 pm

    Wondering if you survived? It’s all over but the shouting, huh? Hey, let me know which country you go to. I’d love to come along :).

    Love you!

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