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Lessons Learned in the Pit – Be Grateful for the People in Front of You

June 26, 2010

Yesterday I met my friend Michelle for coffee. I loved her from the second I met her – I’ve taught her precious daughter for two years, and both of them have tremendous wisdom born out of lessons learned from life in the Shadowlands.

I was talking about how hard the last couple of years have been. “The hardest thing about it,” I told Michelle, “was that I lost so many friends. I didn’t realize who my true friends were, you know. I guess I should be grateful in a way.”

Michelle sipped on her low-fat, sugar-free coffee (I had a seven million calorie latte with whip, for the record), and then told me, “this is exactly what I was talking to the girls about last night, Jess. True friends are so rare. And we aren’t going to get along with everyone…we will lose relationships. This happens for all of us, not just teenagers!”

Then she touched my knee and smiled.

I smiled back and felt a warm bubble in my gut as we kept talking. I love her. After a hectic week of speech therapy, meetings about my fall classes with my boss, tux measurement drama for the upcoming wedding, and general…lifeness, I was so grateful for the chance just to sit with her.

I lost several relationships a few years ago. People I was very close to walked away from me when I was in the middle of a huge pit. It has taken me longer than I ever imagined to recover.

But. Slowly. I am learning to really focus on the people that God has in my life right now. The ones drinking low-fat coffee and touching my knee. The ones who need tux measurements.

My life is full – overflowing – with people. Instead of focusing on the people I’ve lost, I’m learning to be grateful on the people who love me.

The ones in front of me.

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  1. June 26, 2010 10:06 am

    I, too, am continually having to be reminded to be thankful for those right in front of me. Those who love me so. Why must I matter to everyone? And God continually reminds me of how much I matter to Him.
    Those times of rejection, those people who just really don’t seem too fond of me…those press me in closer to the Father when I let them. I can actually end up being thankful because closer to Him is such a sweet, sweet place to be.
    But I must say, I’m glad He lets me be honest and tell Him how stinky and downright gut-wrenching the rejection feels!
    Hugs to you! Praising Him with you for those right in front of us!

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