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April 27, 2011

I read Luke 5 this morning as part of my YouVersion Bible reading plan. YouVersion is awesome – most especially because you can reset your plan if you get behind. Like me. It’s almost May and I have only read 1.9 percent of the Bible, according to YouVersion.


But – at least I’m reading the Word, right?

Anyway. Luke 5 describes several different miracles. The man lowered into the house by his friends. A man with a withered hand. A leper.

Every single time that Jesus healed these people, he first forgave their sins.

And I’ve read these passages a lot in the eighteen years I’ve been a Christian, but this never really occurred to me. I guess I’m reading through a different lens now…The lens of “sick, not healed.”

Jon-David, my ten year-old son, said this to me yesterday:

“Mommy, I wish Jesus would come back today.”

“Oh, Bud. That would be great, huh?”

“Well, if Jesus came back, then He would heal you.”

I teared up (Of course. Constant crying lately). Then I said, “Son, that would be awesome. I want to be healed. But I know that Jesus WILL heal me. It may not be until I get to heaven…or maybe it will be when He returns. But He will eventually heal me, Jon-David.”

I am so glad that my child is so tuned in to the reality of Christ’s return and His ability to heal. He does heal – Luke 5 is a perfect illustration of this truth.

But I’m learning that His priorities are not my priorities. And He FIRST forgave sins. Then healed His children.

If the forgiveness of sins was Jesus’ first priority, then I want to make it my first priority.

God, cleanse my heart today. Come and forgive my sins – I confess them to you. Only you can heal me, Lord, but – more importantly – only You can forgive me. Thank you for your forgiveness, Jesus. Amen.

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  1. Solveig Engh permalink
    April 29, 2011 10:51 pm

    Oh, we need to receive forgiveness. But I’ve been down the road of looking for sin to repent of so God would heal me–and discovered it was a dead end. You might be able to be more spiritual than I was in the process, but I became totally obsessed with self–trying to meet what I thought were His conditions. Yes, repent when He brings someting to mind. But unless convicted of something, just look to Him. Make Him–not your sin–your focus.

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